Hello, I run the Harry Potter group in the game Homescapes. I have noticed less playing, less team wins and less participation from the group with the new “bonus” Airplanes generator. They’ve told me they think it does nothing because the airplanes don’t come till the end of the level and by then there’s nothing much you can do. When you had the kite bonus, my team regularly reached 700 level wins a weekend. The last two times with the Airplane bonus we’ve struggled to get 450 wins a weekend, with majorly less participation.

It’s in your best interest to keep people participating and buying packages, this new bonus is so discouraging one of my team members said “what’s the point”, and people aren’t playing.

Please either switch back to the Kite bonus, or at least have have the bonus start at the beginning of the level.

Thank you very much for your time
The Harry Potter Group.
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