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Thread: Township Production sheet v1

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    Township Production sheet v1


    I've been playing Township for 2 months now, and I've come up with a small Excel-sheet that let's you enter the goods you need and then lists what you need to produce.

    You fill in the blue "order" cells and the required components show up in green.

    Let me know what you think!

    (Please note that the sheet only lists the factories and goods up to level 38 (my current level).. )

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    Hello Billy & welcome to the forum

    Though your list is not attached, thank-you for your hard work thus far on your list.

    If you do a search for Cathy Purr you will find all of her charts posted throughout the forum. For example, she has a dealer chart. As well as several others.

    I believe that dread also came up with one for cb buildings as well.

    You can find additional information here as well.

    Happy gaming!
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