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Thread: Treat Forum and Facebook equally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    I still have a link to the forums in my Android game. It is the first one of the community tab.
    ah yes, you're right. I must have seen it (as in missed the former listing) elsewhere - I remember a text listing, could have been in a post here (I remember Playrix staff as "author", wherever it was)
    or even in one of the Help texts. It isn't mentioned in Homescapes (and of course not in Wildscapes).
    I've adapted my post above a bit. But still stand by my answer (= impression that builds my opinion).

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    I am new to the thread, but have been very upset about the ongoing control given to FB. I am not a FB member and will never be. Is TS giving them more and more

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    All in sign of Township's BD (Birthday) on FB.

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    (here on the Forum we like contests too!!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky_Ruud View Post
    (here on the Forum we like contests too!!!)
    oh we do? not since June anymore for TS, and in Homescapes there's a totally empty subforum.

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    I hate to say it but I do not like the new Facebook group. Nothing against Marie, but there is no organization! She keeps telling them not to openly post friend or co-op ads on the main page, but of course they do. Plus it's not safe to add friends, people are complaining they added a friend & were sent disgusting pictures. I'm scared to add my name to the list, even though I want to help newbies, maybe even bring them on my little co-op. I'm sick of feeling like we don't matter to Playrix. We're the last to hear about events or sneak peeks & usually it's one of us that announces it Thank you moderators!

    I echo Downton's query Did Anna abandon us?

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