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    I think players should have the option to shop at other township players markets. Also I think there should a night time task because, it's not always day in the real world so I think having night time tasks would be awesome.

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    Hello daraembree and welcome to the forum!

    There is a specific section here in the forum specifically dedicated to thoughts and ideas for the game called, "Wish List". Please see the following link to post in the future:

    Personally...just going off of they way you worded it...I would not want anyone shopping in my personal market is for me...and me alone.

    Now as far as an exchange or a swap or a trade shop between players: this not only has been suggested by players for the last few years (if you do a forum search you can find them ), it has also been put into the ideas that will not be implemented by Playrix.
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    I'm not sure I'd like other people taking things from my market, either. There are certain products I always get from my marketplace, and I wouldn't like it if others took those items. Besides, which, I bought lots of the boxes. If someone wants to pay me T-cash to use them, maybe. lol
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    Hi Daraem welcome to the forum .

    I agree with Twilight and Bethany, I would not be keen to have others taking stuff from my market.

    Bethany also makes an excellent point, some players have invested a lot into building up their market boxes. It hardly seems fair if every Tom, Dick and Harry can come along and take advantage of that.

    As for night time tasks, do you have any suggestions what they could be? I would be interested to hear your ideas .

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    I am a player that spent around 4000 T-cash on market boxes. I would be furious to get up in the morning with an empty market because other players could serve themselves first. No way is that idea a good one in my book.
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    Even if there was a way to restrict the time or amount of what others could buy from my market, and even if "task" is added to the night time wish, I would see both wishes covered with

    "Market for selling products and buying them from other players"
    "Day and night mode"

    in the Devs' Won't happen-list. And the market arguments mentioned here are prolly one reason for it.

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