I’ve had this idea for a little while but wasn’t sure if it could be implemented or not.
But I think it might be cool if there was an animated train that went around the zoo.
It could be built like we build the snowman, the giant cake, and other things under the puzzle tab.
After a player has finished it with the required building mats, you would end up with a train that travels around the zoo.
The only thing I’m thinking that might hinder it, is when ever a zoo gets expanded, the train tracks would have to be relocated.
Which I’m thinking is probably a major problem with my idea, lol.
Maybe if it’s one of the last things you could do in the zoo, that way expansions wouldn’t be a problem.
(If that was the case I know I wouldn’t see it for a while, lol)
But it would be something to look forward to after finishing my zoo.