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Thread: Does anybody ever help from the developer on this forum!!!!!)

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    Does anybody ever help from the developer on this forum!!!!!)

    Does anybody know if the developers monitor this board, and ever help people...I have used the
    help section in the game and just get the same auto responses back..
    I lost progress on a new device, all my diamonds and coins..and my last prize for the pearl diving competition. I'm at the beginning again, not happy...and nobody seems interested in helping me...or restoring my in app purchases, and ALL the vouchers and speciality fish I got fair and square...If hackers on YouTube try to show you how to cheat..then shouldn't the developer be able to restore things I had payed for and won in contests fair and square...its not like I was at a low level..I had got Lunar New year, and level 2500. and this is an Editor's choice game??

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    The developers do not monitor these forums, as they are mainly for players to interact with eachother. For any issues with the game, the way to contact support is to do so from within your game. As you already did, make sure to reply to any automated messages you get, otherwise they'll consider that the suggestions included in these messages already helped you. If you reply telling them that you still need help, someone from support will get in touch with you and assist you.

    In the meantime, did you have your game connected to a facebook/Google Play account on your old device? If yes, after you connect it to the same account on your new device, and after finishing the tutorial, you should get the option to load your old game. For more details regarding transferring progress, take a look at this article.
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    Hi Dreadnought....
    Thank you so much for helping me with my problem...Everytime I get an automated message I reply right away that I've already tried what ever they send me, and I still need help...a couple days ago after about 10 tries in a week I finally got my first human, and they asked if I had access to my old device, which unfortunately I don't..and to let them know, and then they would get back to me..I think actually it is 2 days now that I replied to the human question...Anyhow I appreciate you atleast acknowledging me as I am fairly new to this, and talking to is very much appreciated! I will reread the article you sent, and keep trying thru the game help to hopefully resolve my issue. Have a great evening or morning...Thank you, Chezney

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