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Thread: Infinite lives - Decide when to activate them

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    Infinite lives - Decide when to activate them

    Please make the bonus something we can select when we have time to play for that length of time. Sometimes I have time to play for 10 minutes or so, but don’t because I have a 2 hour bonus that I would waste. Thanks.

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    I agree! The bonus of unlimited play is often worthless for those of us who have lives, jobs, families, etc. We simply can't devote the time to enjoy the time bonus. At least change the bonuses by adding power ups such as what is given in Gardenscapes.

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    I agree! A lot of time I lose out on the unlimited lives because I was only quickly checking in or need to go do something else.

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    As near as I can tell, tons of people from Fishdom, Gardenscapes, and Homescapes are all asking for this. I wonder if we'll ever get it?

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    I agree

    I agree! I was given a one hour bonus of infinite hearts from the first box so I used it, but when I got a two hour bonus back to back I didn't have that much time. So maybe you could even make it where whenever you get back ON the game, that's when the bonus CONTINUES. It just picks up from where it left off in-game instead of you losing all that time. And it would be helpful to be able to pick the bonuses your given when you want to use them instead of it being automatically applied at the time you get it. Maybe make a little sidebar for it. It was a little discouraging coming back on and not having my two hours of infinite hearts because I was busy out of game. But there's a lot of potential in this game!

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    Infinity lives - i'd like to decide when to play

    I very much like it when I am rewarded with the infinite lives for a period of time, but the fact that it happens automatically is frustrating. Many times I am not in a position to utilize that if I only wanted to play a level or two and then the entire reward is useless. Or I can't play the game at all in order to wait until I have time to use the reward. It would be helpful if we had the option to trigger or delay the reward as we wanted rather than it just happening automatically when the game opens or you finish a level.

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    I completely Agree!! The ONLY reason that I registered to post on this forum is to address this issue.

    Developers, PLEASE give us the OPTION to delay using our infinite lives until a time that we choose! You could even set a time limit on how long we have to use our earned reward. (i.e. Use your earned infinite lives FROM this week, BY the END of this week or you lose them)

    I often play for a few minutes before going to sleep and it’s very frustrating to earn 5 hours of infinite midnight. Thank you.

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    I joined the forum to address the same issue. Can't it be broken down into 1/2 segments or something similar and be used like a power up.

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    Same issue here! As a mom of three, sometimes I only have time for a play or two. I pick up my iPad, realize I have to choose between 5 min of my 2 hours or just Not playing. . .and I put the game down in the hopes that I MAY be awake enough to play after all the kiddos are safely tucked in. Or worse, I draw the ire of said kiddos because I won’t let them play a few screens on my game because I want to save the free lives for when I have downtime. I. Know. So selfish that I want to save it for myself! PLEASE make it so that you don’t automatically start the infinite lives!

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    Maybe have a start and stop system?

    That’s one issue that I wish can be added too. Although, the better thing that we can do instead, is if the infinite lives timer stops when we close the game, and continues counting down when we open it again. That’ll be a better option for this reward. Sometimes I see myself opening the game in the morning before work, and I get like 30 minutes of free lives that go to waste because I couldn’t spend those 30 minutes playing the game.

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