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Thread: Is Fishdom only a tile game?

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    Is Fishdom only a tile game?

    I could have sworn when I first saw the ad for Fishdom, an orange fish was swimming through some type of tube or pipe and running into obstacles. Fish had happy face while swimming then it switched to sad/worried face upon reaching the obstacle. Then you needed to choose the appropriate tool to get through the obstacle. What am I missing?

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    Nothing. All those ads showing Fishdom as some kind of easy-mode problem-solving game is a complete lie. Fishdom is nothing but a Match-3 game. There are no problems to solve and there never will be.

    All of Playrix's games feature false ads like these and, so far, they show no sign of wanting to get rid of them. Fishdom, Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and Township all have ads that falsely claim they are problem-solving multiple-choice games. This is not true for one single Playrix game.

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