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Thread: Problems buying TCash again

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    Everyone having problems must contact support in game.
    Playrix staff will not see it in here.

    Remember to reply to your automated message so you get through to an actual person

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    Read thread #16 it worked for me.

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    I am also on a mac and getting the same message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    Has anyone here actually sent in a message to customer support from within their game?

    If so could you please post your ticket numbers?

    Thank you.
    Where would the ticket number be located? I see no ticket number in the chat support window.

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    I have a mac book pro and I cannot make in-app purchases either since the last several updates. My co-op #HEL5HA , my town is Cowpenny Town, OH. I can make app purchase from I-tunes, and other games. I'm at lever 123.. I'vd restarted computer several times, I've deleted and reinstalled also, after each update, no help doing this. Cannot buy T-cash from bank, piggy bank or specials. Help.......

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    Also having same problem on my Macbook

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    I did not get ticket # either and also clicking on attachment icon (paperclip) in chat doesn't let you attach a screen capture image.
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    Just deleted on Macbook and reinstalled and it worked for me. I was able to break into the piggy bank. Hope this "fix" works for others.

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    Delete and Reinstall

    Quote Originally Posted by Argus012755 View Post
    Just deleted on Macbook and reinstalled and it worked for me. I was able to break into the piggy bank. Hope this "fix" works for others.
    I don't have my game connected through Facebook and am using a Mac. Can you just delete the game, then reinstall through app store and get it all back?

    Thank you

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    I have not been able to make purchases since 10/4. I have contacted customer support through the gear in the game. I get bot replies... days later. This is NOT my app store - I am able to make purchases just fine on other games except for Playrix. I spoke to Google Play, and they submitted a ticket, but stated that the purchases are through Playrix. This game has time-sensitive events, which makes it even more frustrating that customer service doesn't respond in a timely manner, if at all. The only time I ever got a message from a human being was when I told them their customer service was terrible - they asked me to resubmit my request "respectfully." I'm sorry, but if I have spent (embarrassingly) hundreds of dollars, there is a reason for me to be upset. I can't progress in the game the way I - and my team - anticipated.

    And then I look through these forums and see tons of people complaining about the lack of customer support. Playrix, what are you doing??

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