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Thread: Looking for a team that actually plays

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    Looking to join a team and make a great contribution to it. Although on a low level on Homescapes I also play 'Town' as well and well ahead of level '1500', hoping to soon be on a high level on 'Homescapes.
    I'm on it every day without fail, so would truly welcome the chance to prove myself as a team player.
    Hope to hear a reply on your thoughts of me joining.
    Many Thanks

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    Hi nic2412,
    You are welcome to join either of my two teams. On Fishdom, we are FightingFish. Our flag is a pufferfish. On Homescapes, we are Clegane, our flag is a dragon. Hope to see you on one or both teams soon!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Sifan, Downton isn't a forum Moderator, but I am (though not for Fishdom specifically, which is why I didn't notice your remarks until now). Rule #3 explicitly prohibits insulting other forum users, so I've removed your post and any replies to it. Please don't do it.
    Wow, by calling others “a useless bunch” is not insulting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sifan View Post
    Wow, by calling others “a useless bunch” is not insulting?
    Mildly, but the point is that OP's comment wasn't directed at "other forum users", which is who the rule applies to. Your reply was directed at her, so it's covered. That's all. I suggest we close that subject here.

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    You should try out VIP global, we have a few slots left and get a lot of help with tips to help you pass on some levels.

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    We actually just created a new team as we actively help each other and it’s very friendly. If anyone is looking for a new team where they will receive help with new lives and friendliness you are welcome to join Happy Helpers with the Octopus stamp picture. Love this game!

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    You can join Prawn Stars

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