My team just completed its 1st team competition. Our team goal was to open a Treasure Chest by getting 900 crowns. That averaged out to 30 games won per person, 1 team crown for each game won. Only 3 teammates won 30 games or more. 3 didn't win any, probably didn't even participate. The others won between 0 and 30. My team got a little over half the crowns we needed. From my teammates comments this morning, no one is happy. Those that really tried are upset with those that didn't. Once again Fishdom set totally unrealistic goals. They encouraged everyone to join a team and then demoralized and angered teammates in the 1st competition they offered! Fishdom really needs to think this whole team idea through. Players haven't been given any specific rules. No one knows how to earn team points or what they are for. There is a list where you stand in your own team and also a team score where your team ranks compared to all the other teams. WHY? Are there individual prizes or team prizes given at some point?? There are a lot of unanswered questions that need answers. I've asked support several times already, but haven't heard anything back yet. Does anyone else agree with me