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    The Music Voyage Regatta Season Decor

    Hi all!

    Found a good-looking spot for this season's tuneful decor yet? Blow your own trumpet right here

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    8599669E-9AC9-4AD5-971E-26D50A7C04A7.jpg 38A70B6D-E234-4FAD-B56F-5B5F05683B0A.jpg 4A866E80-A5DE-4F5E-8490-A493EA5F1A2B.jpg
    I’ve had the jazz club and music shop for quite awhile...the club is on a downtown street and the instrument maker has his shop at his home.
    The organ and gramaphone are in the seasonal display area. I haven’t bought the little business area because i don’t really have a place for it but, since my tokens are almost maxed and there are two more weeks, it will probably end up in storage.

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    Lovely Maggie . I really like how you have created the living area for the instrument maker, and as the magnificent trio dec is one of my faves love how you used it here.

    Nice way to combine your community buildings with the Jazz Club, it works very well. I can see why these are permanent parts of your town .

    The Gramophone and organ are lovely decs but take a lot of room. Will you be able to keep them out when the new season starts?

    BTW I saw in the other thread you mention you had to use a different Avatar (and why). I've seen it, nice choice .
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    Thanks Downton
    I like to use the area where the organ is as a rotating display area...otherwise there are many decos in storage that would never see the light of day lol!
    And re avatar, i tried to pick one that i don’t see often.

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