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Thread: Negative changes stealing my enthusiasm for the game

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    Negative changes stealing my enthusiasm for the game

    I’m about halfway through level 82 and have played happily for a very long time. Until lately. I’ve checked in here often for tips but this is my first post. I know it’s kind of long but I hope someone will still read it and have an explanation that makes me feel better about the game.

    DISCOURAGING THINGS: The tool shed almost brought me to a halt. I even avoided building it for a while. I’ve read the other threads and know I’m not alone. But I still don’t understand the necessity for the change, or why there hasn’t at least been a compromise of some sort. It was very discouraging and another couple of those kinds of negative changes could finish me off.

    IRRITATING THINGS: For example, what happened at the duck pond? I now feel like I have been cheated. I feed the ducks with a loaf of banana bread and only two ducks show up. Same feed, less feathers. Same investment, smaller return. I’ve read different opinions about feeding the banana bread, but have had the same stingy results with a bagel. If I fed a loaf of plain bread they would probably ask me for a feather! (I buy t-cash and the Dealer is always active, but I use him for other things.) This wasn’t as serious as the tool shed, but still is a negative change to the game.

    Why the negative changes? I used to be addicted to Township, not so much any more. Am I the only one?


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    By tool shed did you mean the tool exchange? I agree this exchange makes no sense as long as we need to store mass quantities of the three basic building materials for zoo enclosures. If they had left the zoo alone, the tool exchange would have meant fewer barn spaces needed for materials for the next community building, which would have been helpful. By adding absurd quantities of materials for the zoo, the two changes together left us worse off than before.

    The ducks are just another example of ways the developers are turning the screws on us. It's not just the ducks. They also turned down the otter rewards. In the last few months they also increased the difficulty and quantities needed for trains, planes and helicopters. Their goal, I imagine, is to get us to buy more tcash, but in truth it mostly just makes things harder and less fun. I've been playing less, anyway - skipping regattas, closing the game to wait for things to grow or produce, and deleting a lot of copters and planes.

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    That tool exchange is as bad as those prior to us said it would be. I imagine you have to be online 24/7 to keep refreshing the offers to get a decent one.

    These devs are desperate but give you nothing if you do pay.

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    I agree with you and would add that changes to the zoo is another case in point. I used to like "saving up" for a particular enclosure and then getting the baby animals. Now, I've got a book full of animals that I can't home because there's no enclosure for them. And playrix lowering the price of enclosures hasn't helped because it still takes a ridiculous amount of materials needed to complete them 😏

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    i don't mind the tool exhange too much but the ducks are now a total con, as is the h.o.l with its stupid animal cards being "won" almost 50% of the time.

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    In theory I don’t mind the tool exchange, but the stated reason for doing away with the zoo shops was to get rid of the need for the special tools. So then they introduced...more special tools.

    Anyway I’ve been disgruntled for months so I don’t need to pile on except to say yes.

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    And the stated reason for adding the tool exchange was to reduce the quantity of materials needed for community buildings to ease the demand for barn space.

    Then they overhauled the zoo to require large quantities of building materials to build zoo enclosures, taking more barn space than ever before.

    But I can ignore all that. To me the bigger joy-killer is the way they increased quantities needed for trains and copters especially, and that they seem to have reduced the drop rates during regattas of some of my favorite tasks. I've stopped building enclosures to solve that problem now I only race off and on rather than get too frustrated picking regatta tasks.

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    I find these changes discouraging and make me less inclined to play or to use Tcash at all when I do. Regattas are simply too hard to be any source of joy.

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    I feel better knowing it’s not just me getting irritated by the changes, and the absurd amounts of products required either to build enclosures or to fill planes and trains. The other thing I’m very frustrated with is the scarcity of mining tools on trains. I’ve had just one bin of tools in the past four days of trains, and I send trains at least three times a day, so that’s one bin in at least 36 trains.
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    I hate the tool exchange. Needless added frustration, imo.

    I always used to get 3-4 ducks for every loaf of banana bread I used. That's the whole point of using banana bread rather than bagels - for the increased return. Ever since the update, I've been getting 2 ducks for my banana bread with 3 only coming a few times in between and 4 birds being very rare. They've clearly lowered the likelihood of getting 4 ducks for banana bread.

    They do this sort of thing all the time, though. They'll make what they hope are subtle changes that most people won't notice in order to lessen our rewards and resources with the point being we'll spend more money to make up the difference. However, this sort of thing makes me less likely to spend money purely on principle rather than more likely.

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