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Thread: Bubblegum Event August 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Came here to say that - no new deco except the final reward.

    And what I really don't like is that the temp products are put again and again in the factories that are fullest and/or most busy, namely tailor shop and bakery. I can imagine why it is so, thanks - I still would like it changed, please! more than 8 in one factory is an absolute no-no in my book.

    Do a contest here in the forum, pls, for finding some good reasons/explanations why the stuff is made in f.e. the Hot Dog factory, OK?! and while we think, pls move the stuff!
    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Just had noticed this as well and find it NOT funny at all, Playrix.

    Now, thinking to find SOMEthing positive... the new avi pic? nope, hate pics with these bubbles and even more, when they break and are all over the place and face. How many kids work in your development department, Playrix, who seem to find that funny?

    The otter avi I would have liked. Just cos it's cute and not doing silly things.

    And speaking of bubbles, I don't find it a good idea either, to sell special stickers for the Coop chat in the current sale. Sorry, not a good idea anyway IMO to make something available ONLY with real money. And even less so for a group entertainment. Wouldn't have been necessary to promote envy and unhappiness for those who "can't".
    DD thanks, you have saved me a lot of typing, both these posts include everything I was going to say . Well that's the only thing I can give a smiley face to!

    Selling special stickers is especially an unpleasant thing for Playrix to do .
    Last edited by Downton; 08-01-2019 at 12:54 PM. Reason: I would have shortened your quotes, but literally agree with everything ;)

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    I agree about the stickers. I'm refusing to buy the special offer on principle. (Of course it is easy to have principles when there is no nice decoration involved and it is only a 30% discount. )

    As for the event, for right handed or left can turn the pillar from anywhere on the screen you don't have to actually be touching the pillar I touch in the bottom right corner so my hand doesn't cover anything.

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    Just played a few times and then realized tickets are stored in the barn! Not cool.

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    Thanks Ashdust. I am starting to get the hang of it. Will try working the corner.

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    Well after playing a few rounds in this new event, I have to say I don't like it. Hopefully it will appeal to some of the players who haven't enjoyed other recent events. So no Town sign for me .

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    Disappointed with the same decor!

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    Convert your tickets as soon as you can. Two new avatars so cute. Good tip about letting ball bounce on safe level, I think that what was said. Disappointed in decos, even my little town has them. So very recently offered

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Bookworm View Post

    (whispers...)... but I do like the sign!
    *whispers* I like the sign too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cody Lyons View Post
    I went back and played another tutorial round. With a stylus. Discovered that I didn't need to turn the top level with the ball. DUH. If I turn a lower level my hand is no longer so much in the way.

    Doesn't solve the problem of tickets in the barn though! Lol
    Cody, I will have to try your trick with the stylus! I have only played a couple of rounds so far in the tutorial, but I sense I will be bad at this game, LOL

    I agree with you guys about the barn space -- I really wish tickets wouldn't take up barn space.

    I am glad they are giving everyone another chance at the Rainbow Factory! I really like that one.

    I love the new avatars, especially the bubble blowing duck.

    While I don't mind some repeat decor, what I don't care for is (a) it is all repeat decor, except for the new sign, which as has been mentioned, cannot be purchased with T-cash; (b) the childish nature of the repeated decor. Decor such as the Inflatable Castle, the Kids' Train Ride, and the Candy Carousel don't appeal to me. (c) I agree that having special stickers for in-game chat purchased with T-cash is not right. Just introduce new stickers for free with updates. Don't make people pay for these stickers with T-cash.

    Decor I would have liked to see: A candy house, similar to the Easter bunny house. The Easter house looks good enough that I can keep it around year-round. It blends into the woods like one of those magical houses you'd stumble across in a fairy tale. And maybe a lollipop fence.

    Welp, I am going to try this game, because I want the sign, and I like the avatars, especially the cute duck blowing bubbles! Wish me luck ... I hope I can manage it!

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    I'm exhausted!

    As a kindle player I've done the new upgrade with CB, buildings and land, followed immediately by the snowboarding event, and quickly followed by transport event, and immediately after the bubblegum event. Whew!

    As a solo player I am finding this regatta season very challenging since relay tasks are useless and the send ships tasks just take way too much time. I'll do a 12 olives or 8 shrimp, but those aren't seasonal tasks. Plus in the first two weeks I have only seen one mining task. By the time I finish I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel/barn for the heli. BTW, I used to use the hot products at the zoo to supplement heli orders for the Earn Coins task. What are people using instead of the zoo?

    I'm pretty peeved that this event requires heli orders to get tickets. It will probably seriously impact my third week of regatta.

    Also, I've met my match in this game. I managed to complete the first goal and that's an achievement all by itself. It does get harder after that. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. I would like to get the smelting booster and don't care in the least about the town sign.

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    I really would like the town sign but won't be wasting my products for tickets. My barn is depleted after all these events back-to-back since the kindle update was delayed. I really suck at this bubblegum drop, lol. I will save my energy and tcash for knife throwing
    Thanks playrix for repeat decos..another tcash savings here! Also, you really think offering stickers is an incentive for us to buy tcash...Wrong!!
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