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Thread: Fishdom “Demotions” (and other Playrix demotions too!)

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    Fishdom “Demotions” (and other Playrix demotions too!)

    I have been playing Fishdom for quite some time now, and am getting close to Level 2000. I truly love this game and particularly enjoy the gorgeous fish and beautiful graphics, along with the other Playrix games Homescapes and Gardenscapes. However, if there’s anything that is a total annoyance to me, it’s the idea that if you haven’t played as much in a day or two, for whatever reason, you get “demoted”. These games are a wonderful diversion to life’s everyday trials and tribulations. Most of us have enough heartache, turmoil, and disappointments in our life without having our beloved games tell us that even for a short while we’re “just not good enough”. Think how someone must feel, who loves these games, who has just lost their job, lost a family member, or even been demoted at work, only to be told they’ve been demoted in their game. Please, please fix this rather hurtful policy of demoting people! We are playing as often as we can, but when we get demoted, it makes us feel like maybe we shouldn’t be playing as much. Thanks for listening.
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