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    Happy Town

    I’ve bought “snowman” deco and finished it as well as “the biggest cake; and finished it. Buying those decos cost gold coins. Further, with each stage of upgrading the deco will cost gold coins too. That is okay.

    What I really want to argure about is why the cost of those decos is NOT counted in the “happy town” achievement where the mayor is ought to spend enormous amount of moneis “2M” to unlock the achievement.

    The snowman and the bigest cake are decos, the mayor does actual spending in each stage of upgrading the decos. I don’t know what’s missing. Putting in mind that the biggest cake cost a total of 432,200 gold coins and the ice man cost a total of 20,200 acording to the township fandom.

    Must say that the good news is that the achievement “lead architect” does actually count the swet of the snowman and the bigcake. So is there double decision making here.

    For me, I thought the snowman is ready so I bought it, then I faced the facts and finished it. Nearly after, I bought the cake as a present for my wife, cause my metropolitan is prais for my wife as its name is the same of hers. But for the missile for example or the classic cars, I guess there is no real motivation when the achievements are not met.
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