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Thread: Voucher Heap rewards fail

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    Voucher Heap rewards fail

    All the tasks that award short times of unlimited play in the new Voucher Heap task event are not paying out at task completion. Btw I truly detest this new feature and hope we can get old style of 1, 2, 3 hrs of free play, cause I wont play any more if I can only do 5 lives with no hope of longer play. Avid loyal fan of 2 years abd do not expect to play for free. I do pay way in buying diamonds.

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    I had another issue, where I had a limited bomb award and requested lives, and the ‘chat’ showed I had received some, but they did not show up for me to use until after the free bombs expired. I did report this, but this was so frustrating!

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    I’m adding to this now to say that my request disappeared on my team chat page, which usually means all 5 lives were given. I got 1! Only 1 out of 5! It wouldn’t be so bad if I had not had games I needed to play to use the 30 minutes of bombs. I only got to play one game with them! Not happy!

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