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Thread: Daily progress stopped

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    Daily progress stopped

    My daily bonuses often skip a day and stopped counting my consecutive days played. I've gone to the help and support icon and left messages several times. They said they fixed it but it's not fixed. I last had 350 days consecutively before Thanksgiving. I should have over a year as of today. Also, the tab they told me to check "honorary Freeman IV" isn't there. III is there but doesn't show how many days. This is getting really frustrating! The last 2 messages I left in help and support have not been answered.

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    The Honorary Freeman is an achievement in your Town Hall (not a tab). Your earn number 4 (IV) after 60 days in a row so you should have finished that achievement a long time ago unless you skipped some days along the way. Missing just one day and your counter is reset to 1. Check your Town Hall and see what numbers are there and how many stars you already earn for that achievement.

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    I've had a similar problem except that I still have the "Honorary Freeman IV" achievement listed. However, I was up to 260 days and on December 18th it gave me a reward for "Day 1". I never missed a single day of play!

    The game has, at times, lost my progress. I'm playing on a Kindle Fire HD. It sometimes tells me I don't have the app store installed then the game takes me to the app store that it thinks is not installed. I tap "back" and sometimes get into the game or sometimes go through the "not installed" thing again. I think this might be related.

    I contacted support via email. They responded and said to send my information again from the in-game help. I did that then, after a long wait, they sent me a message saying they're having trouble with their support system and asked me to send all of my information again. I did that on December 27th and haven't heard back yet. I'm sure the holidays have delayed things a bit.

    Seeing how high I could get that number was a big deal to me. It's so discouraging now playing the game and knowing that it's been taken away from me when I haven't missed a single day. My dedication is being rewarded with frustration.

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