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    Maximum level

    Is there a way to find out what the max level is in the game. What search criteria should I use?

    I do realize that they add new levels every week so it's a moving target.

    I just finished the guest bedroom and the room I've started doesn't have a name yet, other than William's junk room.

    It looks like there is a boathouse area after that.

    I guess we don't get to do a master bedroom for Austin's parents. And no bathrooms either.

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    I’m maxed out at 3051.

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    What happens when you are maxed? Do you just play random levels?

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    Yes. They give you something called Star Chests. You open chests that give you prizes. You do not get stars for each win. You get them with the chests. The chests take several wins to open. The levels are very hard but only give you 50 coins. It is sort of like Homescapes version of Dante’s Inferno.

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    Happy, happy, joy, joy.

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    Love stimpy...

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    If you’re a member of a team, hit your team icon at the bottom, go to ‘Ratings’ then hit the ‘Top Players’ tab at the top and look at their level. They’re all usually maxed out except for the day that new levels are added (I think Wednesdays?), but those players max back out again pretty quickly so probably by the next day you’ll see the new max level, maybe even same day.

    I haven’t paid attention as to how many levels a week that add. Does anyone know?

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