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    I am trying to play homescapes 732 which involves propagating soap suds. I thought it you burst one the suds would not advance. Mine propagate after every move thus i end up with more suds than I started with. It is impossible to get rid of them. Is this a glitch or is it supposed to be this way?
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    With googling "Homescapes level 732" I found several you tube videos showing how they beat that level. It seems that the purple foam (different than the normal blue foam) needs two hits, before it disappears; and it might rebuild, if not hit.
    I watched several, and they are all working with lots of the boosters, which they are lucky (or skilled) enough to get.
    Good luck!

    If yours behaves differently than shown there, you should report it to Playrix ingame (behind the cog is a Help and Support section). Because (only) that way they get the necessary data from your game/device.

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    It's supposed to be that way, some levels it feels like they expand quicker than usual though.

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