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Thread: Level 1472- seriously stuck

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    Level 1472- seriously stuck

    I've been stuck on 1472 for a week. I decided to give in and watch waaaay too many YouTube videos on how to beat the level. Today I realized all the videos show 30 moves when in actuality you only have 22 moves. Is this a glitch or an update? Either way I just don't believe it possible to beat.

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    I just noticed the same thing. I've been saying, if I had 10 more moves in sure I could finish the level, but I've been stuck for over a week now on this same level. Following, in hopes that you get a response.

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    I’m experiencing the same. Not enough moves. Looking fir some tips.

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    I am stuck too for weeks....

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    I used all 3 bonuses to win it.

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