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Thread: Market Dealer - Multiple orders in advance

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    Market Dealer - Multiple orders in advance

    Hey guys,

    Well done on this game. Whilst the market dealer is a great help it occurred to me that it could be improved by implementing a feature that will enable accepting a few orders in advance. Similar to a queue. I feel the dealer is wasted in hours of no play like when sleeping, driving or at work.

    It would be awesome if you could set 3 or 5 orders in advance which means the dealer will fill those orders hourly and I can collect goods as orders are completed.

    Similar to the factory boxes these orders can be unlocked using town cash so it's fair.

    Perhaps these feature will make more people hire the dealer as well.

    Cheers from Australia.

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    LOVE this idea I'm sure lots of folks would buy the boxes, and rent Raj more often... l know l would

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