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Hi, boby1172,

Sorry to hear that you have come across an issue in the game.

Kindly note, that problems like these may occur if your Facebook account or your app store account gets compromised, e.g.:

  • during logins into your accounts on untrusted devices;
  • in case someone else has access to your former device and no factory reset was performed;
  • if you use simple passwords for your accounts and/or use the same passwords for the various services, etc.

Thank you for understanding.

Anna, your post is completely unhelpful and frustrating.

= I have never logged into Township on anyone else's device.
= I still have the tablets and phone I logged in on in my immediate possession.
= I never use simple passwords. They are a mixture of letters (upper and lower), numbers and symbols.

I believe the problem is with your coding. Possibly similar to the issue you had where people could take products from other's markets, ports and foundarys.

I have asked more than once for the account/town to be deleted. As of last night, it was still there. I have uninstalled the app.