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Thread: Strange ads in games

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    Strange ads in games

    Last week or two we noticed weird ads in helly orders. This ads are instant playable unknown games with very bad grafic and in the end not give any download link, no names of games , we can only instant play. I tried to contact support in-game, but that is impossibble, I tap "contact us" button, but I am not able to wrote anything because my keyboard not show up. So I write here. Playrix, what is that strange ads pretending? Almost all have some "is" sign in corner on my screen. Games have not names.



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    Hi Mimy, you'd definitely need to contact Support about that if it persists and a reinstall doesn't help. I did hear from a couple of people that their Contact Us button wasn't working earlier today, but the fault only lasted a short time.
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    Hi Bessville, finaly I got option for contact in-game support and I send them all my screenshots about this ads, it's really strange and drain my battery. Maybe can someone recognise this games

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    If you are getting these when tapping the helicopter video guy...then there is nothing strange about them. They are simply "playable" ads...if you so choose to play them...quite common place.

    I have played a few while waiting for the "ad" to finish playing, makes the time seem to go buy quicker...
    Just let them play until you get that "X" I can see on your screen then tap on that to close the ad and get your reward for watching.

    If the issue you are having is that the ad won't close after tapping the "X"...then Bess said definitely contact support. Be sure that you click "No" in the support ticket if haven't already and tell them you'd like additional help by typing in the chat box.
    (Bess...will you please explain that last part better, ty! )

    (imho...I think some of those ads won't let you click the "X" on purpose...just so they can get kick backs on them...better known as clickbait.)
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    But this ads are strange. All ads must have download link to Google Play, if it's not direct you to store, they can redirect you to malicious web sites or servers if you choose to instantly playing in ads.

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