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Thread: Someone else is playing my town!

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    OMG...this is the worst thread I've read!! I soo empathize with kasallee and boby. To lose our town would be catastrophic, our creation, friends, money, time, escapism and sanctuary...but someone else playing it, blood boils, heads would roll! SHAME ON YOU WHOEVER WHATEVER YOU ARE!! Did you get a name, have they made any purchases... surely Playrix and Amazon, in league, could retrieve the game/money from a payment period and penalize the thief...puts fear in all of us. Wouldn't have thought this possible..

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    I doubt it will help, but pasted a link to this thread when in touch with support on an unrelated matter.
    Meanwhile - from another Playrix game :

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    Very good idea, Jay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna Petrova View Post
    Hi, boby1172,

    Sorry to hear that you have come across an issue in the game.

    Kindly note, that problems like these may occur if your Facebook account or your app store account gets compromised, e.g.:

    • during logins into your accounts on untrusted devices;
    • in case someone else has access to your former device and no factory reset was performed;
    • if you use simple passwords for your accounts and/or use the same passwords for the various services, etc.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Respectfully, this canned response is not helpful. Boby has explained in detail that none of this applies. Also, I'm confident that the vast majority of players will never have done any of these, anyway, as we are well aware of the security consequences for such behavior. The evidence so far appears to exonerate Facebook, which means the back door into your game is likely the fault of your developers.

    And that is where the investigation to solve this problem must go. Unfortunately, as a likely coding mistake, if it can happen to one of us, it can happen to all of us. We play Township, knowing the risk is real that we could lose control of it. That will be the reality until this problem is properly addressed and fixed.

    Unfortunately for Playrix, this problem comes on the heels of another ongoing problem - the banning of legitimate players. I certainly hope this back door hacking does not become as common as your other problem. It would not be good for player morale.

    I'm sorry this happened to you and others, Boby. It's truly awful that a years-long loyal customer and player can have their investment ended like this. Frustrating and heartbreaking do not even begin to cover it, I have no doubt.
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    Lost town

    My phone was stolen and I didn't log into social account. I've been trying to get help from support for a week and they didn't answer.
    My last conversation ID was #5754792
    Someone here can help me?

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    Thank you for joining us, Bethany!
    We really hope more Forummers will add their voice overhere.
    And maybe while reading the title of this thread the first thing people think 'Hm, password...' the real story is different!
    This indeed could happen to all of us!
    Playrix policy on playing their games safely seems to be focussed on the frontdoor.
    So responsibility for possible intruders hereby lies almost automatically with the players.
    No wonder when someone reports intruding problems the standard answers from CS will be about password and account safety.

    Many top companies hire hackers to discover leaks and holes in their systems's backdoors.
    For example, hackers use their drive to crack systems in a very positive way: precisely to prevent intrusion!
    Time for Playrix to start thinking about this option!

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    I have the news on tv in the background and that’s so depressing and tragic...i think i am not the only one who plays township as a form of escape...a pretty, peaceful place where you are in control (for the most part) and you can opt out of things that make you feel pressured beyond your comfort zone.
    Now we have people taking over towns, finding ways to worm their way in....why?? Too lazy to create their own, yet using time and energy finding and exploiting weaknesses whether in facebook or the game itself?? General maliciousness—most likely, unfortunately...taking pleasure in hurting other the same category are those who deliberately join a coop and leave as soon as the regatta starts (although, the town stealers make this seem minor in comparison). There is the same sense of violation as when your home is broken into.
    And while i’m ranting, i’m seriously considering cancelling my landline (yes, i still have one) because 90% of the calls are from people trying to scam me.
    Such a waste of energy and potential...

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    Just been reading through this and just want to say how sorry I am this has happened to you Boby.

    I just want to add my support to those asking Playrix to investigate this further as in this case it doesn't appear Boby was at fault.

    Personally having read this I really don't feel comfortable spending any more money on the game if I don't know whether my game is secure or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashdust View Post

    Personally having read this I really don't feel comfortable spending any more money on the game if I don't know whether my game is secure or not.
    I was thinking the same thing...

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    Su uno de los afectados por el robo de ciudad , por el haker , sigo esperando ayuda , DIVERTILAND , era mi ciudad 247 , nivel , más de 5 años jugando , y nadie me ayuda , nadie dice nada , es una mezcla de pena , con una rabia , y injusticia , que alguien de Playrix, de la cara , a ver si alguien del foro que tenga contacto directo ayude , por favor , ayuda

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