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Thread: 26.07 New Township Competition!

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    I am also in 1st place and have spent zero score is more than double the next player. My strategy is to play continually throughput the contest. I started immediately when the challenge launched, and have played almost non stop since then. I fill and send planes as soon as they land (by planning ahead), my train speed is a little over 2 hours each and I fill/send them on arrival. I send helicopter orders constantly - unless the value is just too low - and then another order loads and I send it, orders going out all the time at 1 point each, which adds up over time.

    Not everyone "buys" their way in the game. I am virtually homebound so I do have more time to play than many others, which means I dedicate time to my gameplay but I do not cheat the system or purchase success..just work hard and plan ahead. Please do not assume all winners spend their way to victory, as the previous poster and I have shown that is not always true.

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    Also...not sure about the Kindle discussion. I play on Kindle and the event started on time. We have just under 1 1/2 days remaining, or just more than halfway complete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juniorbelle View Post
    Also...not sure about the Kindle discussion. I play on Kindle and the event started on time. We have just under 1 1/2 days remaining, or just more than halfway complete.
    Hi Juniorbelle
    I'm on kindle and got an extension on the snowboarding event. Only when this finishes will the Transport Magnate start for me. Most kindle players are in this position although I have seen a few reports from players such as yourself where this is not the case.

    As for not paying to win (in your other post) you are right not everyone has to, but it's luck of the draw. Regularly in competitions I have had a much greater score than my friends, yet they have managed to achieve top places in the competition while I have not. Some of us do seem to get bunched with a lot of pay to win competitors. This isn't just assuming they are paying but rather it is obvious their scores cannot be achieved otherwise.

    Anyway I'm glad your hard work is paying off and I hope you keep 1st place.
    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the reply! My snowboarding did not get an extension and ended about 1 1/2 days after the update...which was ok with me because I don't compete in that one anymore, since they changed to continued distance vs. star accumulation. I hope you do well in both contests😁

    I posted because I get frustrated with some players stating that because you have a good score that you are buying your win. I have completed with some rounds where it seemed to be the case, but to each their own. I just do the best I can and do not resent other players for their gameplay methods, whatever they might be. The game is for profit and Playrix obviously set it up to generate income, so some people just utilize that method for their game.

    Good luck and happy Township!

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    Thanks Juniorbelle. I am the same with snowboarding, no competing for me I'm too rubbish and too tight to do well in this event

    Here's hoping I do better in the Transport Magnate competition

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    Does anyone know if the kindle Transport Magnate event will start immediately after the extended ski event ends today? I don't have a countdown times anywhere.

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    Meh, okay, there's about a 12 hour countdown timer.

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    I spent a ton of money and hours to get first place for the competition...I didn't even so much as get a new profile photo for my victory!!! Albeit, it was super fun (and stressful...coming down to the wire with another competitor), but the 50 in town cash didn't even remotely come close to what I actually dished out. Wish there was at least some "bragging rights" reward at the end of the competition. Doesn't really give you any incentive to participate in any upcoming TRANSPORTATION MAGNATE events.

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    I didn't spend a penny in TC and came in 2nd. I could tell last night that I would be 2nd since 1st had really jumped ahead of me. Suspect TC came into play when I kept going ahead of them. So I merrily went to bed knowing I would be no lower than 3rd. 4th was way too far down to catch up and 3rd was quite a way behind me as well but could catch up if they spent TC. But they didn't.

    So in the long run, I am ahead by 30 TC and 7 bronze ingots. I'm happy.

    This is the only type of competition I would even remotely have a chance of placing since I refuse to spend TC on competitions.

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    Transport Magnate: I managed to finish in 11th or 12th place so scored 6,000 coins! I liked this mini-game because it is what we already do, fill orders and bins. The Transport Magnate is way better than driving off a building or trying to make snacks at a reckless speed. Most side games make you give products to make fuel, parachutes, and maze busters but you don’t see the gain til the end, if at all. Though I hustled to fill more helo, planes & trains, I got to see my coins total going up & up as I worked and still got 6,000 coins for placing. I want more games like that.

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