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Thread: Today Was One of Those Days When... (Game vs. Real Life)...

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    Today Was One of Those Days When... (Game vs. Real Life)...

    Today (actually yesterday) was one of those days when I was very glad not to pay the electric bill for my town. I was trying to restock my inventory and almost all my factories were running at full production and I was happy to have a moment of escapism when I could shrug off the real life responsibility of paying bills. Another instance was while playing Need For Seeds and I had a particularly bad run - I was glad there weren't any insurance agents to deal with.

    Anyone else get that slight smile and sigh of relief in similar circumstances?

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    Am grateful my cows are milked 'on demand' rather than having to get up at 4 every morning.

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    I am just grateful that I can be away for a time and every animal still alive and no car accidents and the people in the town can go on living without being told anything.
    LMAO wish real life was like that!😂😂

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