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Thread: New tasks in Regatta sucks the fun out of the game

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    New tasks in Regatta sucks the fun out of the game

    The new Regatta tasks are too few in the selection box. They cause strife in the co-ops and the game is no longer fun to play. Please add more tasks in the selection box.

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    What do you mean with "new regatta tasks"? If the event tasks, there has just been the opposite wish here - to which I would subscribe, as I have finished the event.
    And regatta tasks per se have always been 12 -?

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    Maybe the op meant too few of the new ones. My coop has gotten a good number of coin tasks and way too many of the send boats tasks. We have gotten a typical quantity of the event tasks, but it didn't seem like more or less than other events. Only some of us liked those, so we were fine with those.

    Our biggest beef is we are getting noticeably fewer relays this time. The last time there were relays, we sometimes had two at a time. This time we aren't seeing any new ones as long as one is still being worked.

    I also agree that 12 tasks on the board is too few, especially for a larger coop. We've noticed that it gets to be a struggle if we have more than 4 racers, especially when everyone needs only 135 tasks.
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