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    Re: Losing Points during Regatta

    Our Co-Op started in the Silver League in the current Regatta called 'Treasure of the Nile'. Then we were promoted to Gold. This past week when collecting the rewards other members notice we had -0-(Zero) points for the week we were in Silver League. I didn't know that would happen. It does not seem fair to me when we worked so hard during the week we were in Silver League & many of us paid real money for the extra Task. I could not find the answer to this in other Forums & FQA. If anyone can help answer this please reply to this.

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    That’s your score for GLB (Global Leaderboard) only. This score only takes your two best weeks of the season into account, so shows as zero for the lower two weeks. You still got those points, they just don’t show in that particular scoreboard.
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    Do you remember where your team placed in the last race? Teams don't drop a league based on global leaderboard scoring. Teams drop for placing in the bottom three in the race just ended.

    Gold leagues can be really competitive. Depending on the group, it may not be enough for everyone to to all 16 tasks, you may need to do all 135 point tasks, and to finish them all before the last 3 teams do. Basically, imo, gold league kind of sucks a lot of the fun out of racing.

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    The GLB score is calculated based on the best 2 weeks in the Gold League. If your co-op races in a lower league during the season, it doesn't count at all, there is no score for the GLB for that particular week(s), i.e. zero points.
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