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Thread: 23.07 The New Update for MAC is OUT

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    Quote Originally Posted by 505SunDog View Post
    Thanks for pointing him out.
    Ever since you posted I've been looking for Harold in heli orders and finally got him today. Yea.
    Have you seen the backwoods/John Muir-like heli orders other new guy? In this hair he has one of those pretty birds Downton had flying in her town's screenshot a while ago (maybe a robin?) and he's holding a nest with eggs. Anyone know his name?
    You're welcome Glad he finally went to YOUR shop!

    Now I had to look up John Muir, thank you very much, lol! I guessed already, though, that you mean Robin the hermit, and found him at the Wiki, where our amazing Wiki-authors have put his picture.
    I and my Android device know him for longer already, so I am not sure, but don't think he's new for Mac? (w/o being mentioned)
    I searched for him and his name in the Announcements/News section here, but didn't find him (only questions about the island), so still think he must be here longtime already. I also remember f.e., when I started reading here (about March 2016), that I tried to find out why ppl said the dealer's name is Raj or Raja, and didn't find that either, so assumed "things from the beginning" are not here.
    When someone is introduced new, they're usually mentioned in the announcement of the update, with name and occupation, as Harold is here.

    So, here is the list of Customers on the Wiki:

    Scroll down a bit and then click on "Expand" on the right side of the subtitle "Regular Customers",
    scroll down again, quite a bit, and there he is! with robin and egg nest

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    Hola , necesito ayuda, tube problemas durante 2 dias con el juego , cuando ayudaba a alguien , al volver a mi ciudad todo estaba igual , mandaba los trenes , avion , y al volver estaban sin mandar...etc
    Lo desinstale, lo instale, lo uní a Facebook, elegí servidor , pero salio una nueva ciudad
    Mi ciudad era DIVERTILAND, con nivel 247, necesito ayuda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis Montes Soriano View Post
    Hello, I need help, I had problems for 2 days with the game, when I helped someone, when I returned to my city everything was the same, I sent the trains, plane, and when I returned they were not sending ... etc
    I uninstalled it, installed it, joined it to Facebook, chose a server, but a new city came out
    My city was DIVERTILAND, with level 247, I need help
    Thank you
    Hi, what platform are you playing on? And when you re-installed the game, are you sure you chose the old town (level 247) instead of the new game?

    Hola, ¿en qué plataforma estás jugando? Y cuando volviste a instalar el juego, ¿estás seguro de que elegiste la ciudad antigua (nivel 247) en lugar del juego nuevo?
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    Si de verdad , elegí, lado derecho , servidor , estoy en Android
    Gracias , DREADNOUGHT , por preocuparte, el juego me hizo cosas muy raras en 2 dias

    Tu sabes como podría ponerme en contacto con alguien , con Anna Petrova , ....etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis Montes Soriano View Post
    If really, I chose, right side, server, I'm on Android
    Thanks, DREADNOUGHT, for worrying, the game did very strange things to me in 2 days

    You know how I could get in touch with someone, with Anna Petrova, ... etc
    You can contact Anna Petrova by sending her a Private Message, just click HERE. You might want to give her more details about what happened, what issues you had with your game, and most importantly, to send a report from within your game, and tell her the ticket ID you can find in the conversation window.
    Good luck!

    Puede ponerse en contacto con Anna Petrova enviándole un mensaje privado, simplemente haga clic en AQUÍ. Es posible que desee darle más detalles sobre lo que sucedió, los problemas que tuvo con su juego y, lo que es más importante, enviar un informe desde su juego y decirle el número de identificación del boleto que puede encontrar en la ventana de conversación.
    ¡Buena suerte!
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    Ya mande mensaje , desde el hilo que me proporcionas te
    No se a que te refieres , sobre el número identificación
    Ya mande desde la nueva ciudad varios mensajes , durante 2 dias y nada
    Gracias , muchas gracias a ti

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