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Thread: Ugh levels!

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    Ugh levels!

    OMG..who has been on a level where you have played for hours or days, use power ups and points and cannot budge AND THEN you get down to last few moves that might win and you accidently move the play the wrong way with your finger. ....NEED take back play boosters!,,on a related note, hard to contribute to team play when stuck on these levels!

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    Happens to me EVERY. TIME! It's super annoying when a swipe is "misinterpreted" and it puts the piece wherever the game decides it should go. I've been playing level 4218 for a month non-stop, and I'm completely stuck. Seems like I get stalled in the game every time I get caught up to Max Levels the developers have added. And when they add new levels, I "magically" win a level I've been stuck on for literal weeks. I refuse to spend a dime on this game.

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