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Thread: Lost most of my cash

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    Angry Lost most of my cash

    I played the new event the other day and when I was done, I noticed all of my cash was missing. I did not accidentally hit anything and my cash confirmation is also on. There is nothing new in my barn. I have literally nothing to show for it. When I contacted customer support, they said I purchased "toys". What does that even mean? I'm not going to have weeks worth of accumulating cash completely wiped out for absolutely nothing. Why would I continue playing this game when I can have several weeks worth of activity wiped out with absolutely nothing to show for it. What kind of scam is this?

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    The snowboarding event asks us to spend 3 tcash to resume a run any time we crash. Is it possible you tapped those boxes instead of just quitting the run?

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    I lost over 90 cash! What a joke. Why on earth would I want to continue playing this game? Does this make me want to buy cash with real money? Does this want me to spend more time on this game? This just makes me want to delete the app. How does this help Playrix?

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    The operating systems give players the option of requiring a confirmation before spending real money. Game designers have circumvented this safeguard by creating in game currencies that can be spent without any confirmation dialog.

    A lot of games now offer a confirmation setting for spending in game currencies (gems in many games, tcash here). Imo, this setting option should be required in all games. It is way too easy to accidentally buy things.

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    Well, customer service won't restore my 92 cash. So I'm out. Deleting the app/game. It's a shame. It's a fun game, but to waste weeks on it just to have them try to scam cash from customers is atrocious and bad customer service. If I had actually used real money in the game, I would be livid. Playrix would rather alienate daily customers.

    Good luck...just don't spend any real money here.

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    Se elimino mis billetes recien comprados

    Perdí mas de las mitad de mid billetes recien comprados, y soporte no responde.
    Necesito una solución

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