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Thread: Missing additional Lemonade Glasses

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    Missing additional Lemonade Glasses

    Hi, I am on level 138 where we need to collect those glasses that look like it's tea with a lemon on the edge. I think we have to collect 4. One will be on the level when I start the level but no others ever fall so that I can't collect all that I need to complete the level. I've played so many times an nothing else ever falls except that one glass. Why aren't they falling?

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    Level 267. Glasses are not comming

    On Level 267.

    There is two initial glasses.

    We have to take 10 glasses and 16 stones to finish the level.

    After complete 2 initial glasses, no more glasses comming.

    Connot complete this level.

    You can see in this picture... no more glasses

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    Level 206 Glasses not coming

    After clearing first glass, no other glasses coming. Please fix it. Thanks

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    no additional glasses in several levels, please fix this!

    it seems to be a bug that appeared since a recent change?
    In several levels where you need more glasses than the initially placed ones, there will appear no more glasses whatever you do.
    For me it happens in lvl 480, i cleared whole screen with rainbow twice, but still no additional glass appears

    please fix this, thanks.

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    The best way to ensure that the devs are aware of this issue is to report it directly from within your games (Settings > Help and Support). That way, they will automatically get all the data they need to identify the problem and solve it quicker.
    Thank you!
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    Livello 572

    Buongiorno, sono 2 giorni che sono ferma al livello 572. Per proseguire il livello richiede di liberare 8 limonate, ma a me ne compaiono sempre e solo 4. Le altre 4 non vengono fuori. E' per caso un bug del gioco?

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    Level 480 error

    Anybody up to level 480 ? it tells you get 20 green jewels and 3 soft drinks with straws in. I can get the green jewels no problem, I can get 2 of the soft drinks but the third soft drink that you need to complete the level never appears, despite how many items you move or blow up on the game board please fix this its very annoying I will stop playing the game if its not fixed there is no point Ben

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