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Thread: Snowboarding event July 2019

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    I was trying for 1800, made a jump and my Kindle crashed. When I got back in, I didn't get asked for township cash, but I was back at the beginning and my snowflakes were wasted. Don't spend cash on these and certainly won't if that happens to lots of people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slam View Post
    First of all, it's a seasonal event. It's just a minigame, temporary. The devs work on it for a couple weeks and release, it's not perfect.
    This event has been around for awhile now. The devs have had at least a year or two to make this event perfect; i.e. bug free.

    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    It's a pay to win event, which should be outlawed!! That doesn't even come close to being part of the Fair Play rules!! So how much tcash do you want to spend to win $50, lol
    scorekeeper, I agree. It is disheartening to fall and realize you have lost your cumulative score and start back at zero. Free players don't have a chance at this game. Playrix, please change it and make it fair.

    Quote Originally Posted by Katville View Post
    I've noticed that if I make more than three runs at a time I crash. Also once my Kindle starts to get hot it gets jerky and causes crashes.
    Katville, I have noticed the same thing with my iPad Pro. Well, I have noticed two problems with my iPad Pro. One is, something about the Pro's display screen makes it difficult to do those quick movements. Or rather, the movements I make do not seem to be interpreted accurately by the game (or my iPad Pro?). Not sure if it is my iPad or the game. Second, like you said, when the device gets warm, I seem to crash more often.

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