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Thread: Level 1312 is the worst!

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    Level 1312 is the worst!

    I’ve looked up walkthroughs for level 1312, and I see that it’s been changed, which I understand is done from time to time on some levels. I searched on this forum for ideas, but don’t see any yet. I’m just putting it out there that whatever developer tweaked it to its current state, must have been having a particularly mean-spirited day! This might just be the level that makes me go through the 12-step program to quit Homescapes! Grrrrrrr.....
    This has gone on for so many days, it’s ridiculous! If I weren’t as invested in the storyline and in my team, I would have just quit by now. It’s not just a hard level, it’s excruciatingly hard. There are not enough moves, and the foam moves faster than usual, and when you do get a power up to connect with a rainbow blaster, it doesn’t seem as though it’s as effective as in other levels. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I mean, other than “get a life!”
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