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Thread: Additional sugar factory

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    Additional sugar factory

    There are now additional products that also require sugar products. As it is, I can’t produce enough sugar products to make other products!!! Now I need to produce even more sugar products. Please program / create another sugar factory.

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    agreed it is time for a an additional sugar factory I have to make so much sugar for ice creams breads muffins you name it please consider this as it will be helpful you might also consider another creamer cheese maker as this factory also requires me to make a lot more for all those items that need them which is a lot

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    Yes another sugar factory would be nice, I would also love another egg making place, a lot of items use eggs and lots for a lot of them, 5 for the cupcake, 4 for the muffin, 3 for bagels, never can get ahead for bagels, then eggs are needed for, i6 think another 6 items, most needing 2 eggs each

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    Instead of adding a new sugar factory - speed up the sugar factory and rework manufactured items that require sugar and syrup. Why not replace needed sugar cubes with raw sugar that is grown? Why does cotton candy require sugar cubes and syrup? Simplify -- simplify

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