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Thread: New active team

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    Oh yes, if I didn't have any. I'd have quit a long time ago

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    Or you can give up and tell your existing team members to join you at Clegane (the one with the dragon flag). Not to boast, but we won our team competition by Saturday with 14 players. Besides, DD is just itching to have more people to call Bob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meemz View Post
    ...Besides, DD is just itching to have more people to call Bob.

    dunno what gave me away...

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    And then there were 3.


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    Lisa has a team called Dychan cartref. If you need a team to join, please search for her team. She is looking for fun people who like to play daily. She is hoping to find teammates who encourage each other and give each other lives when needed. She will welcome new players who are enthusiastic as well as seasoned players. If you are currently on a team, but you are frustrated with teammates who don’t play and certainly don’t help the team, please lookup Dychan cartref. Be advised that someone on a team will want to make the switch before next weeks competition so that you are able to play (and don’t become sidelined)

    Lisa, Congratulations on recruiting your 3rd player. I hope we can somehow compete against you later once your team fills up more! I am rooting for you!

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    Still active.
    never give up. Never surrender

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    And suddenly there were 6

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