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Thread: New active team

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    New active team

    Fed up of carrying your team.
    sick of begging for help
    Annoyed at freeloaders
    Then come to Dychan cartref.
    English speaking, very active new team.

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    We both left our old team for those reasons.
    We are determined to make sure the new team doesn't go that way

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    If you don’t have luck recruiting, come join Clegane (our flag is a dragon). We have active members and we are currently in fourth place (most of us had to work today).

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    ...anyone who names everything and anyone Bob is alright with me.

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    Recruiting is hard when you can't invite players in game

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    Join our new team Jakarta Savage, open for new members thanks!

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    Keep this thread active and people will find you. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaT View Post
    Am about ready to give up. It's like being in an inactive team, even though we are both helping each other as much as possible.
    it needs to be easier to get team members
    aww, Lisa-Bobby! <huggels> I hope they do something for that, but meanwhile, come on over with your partner to Clegane, as Mimi suggested above (and post # 4 *g* ). A lot of nice Bobs there, and different timezones, many are active and some even know how to chat.

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    It'll come right. Just need patience

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    In Playrix games, always a good trait/quality.

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