I checked online and all the screenshots and videos show 618 as being different than what I see. I can clear the whole screen sometimes but it needs me to collect 77 acorns. It's a smaller playing field and you start off with maybe 30 acorns that are frozen. You also have the ticking time bombs. The level starts by swapping two rainbow things, which clears out a all the boxes to reveal the frozen acorns. The problem really is that you never get enough acorns in the time period allowed to collect 77 of them. I've had 6-7 moves left for just acorns and maybe one will fall for each move, maybe none. At the end, I always need 17+ acorns, if I even get that far. In the beginning, you don't have much room to move because everything is frozen. I try to not make matches with a particular color so I can build a bomb but that technique doesn't really work because it might be you only match. Online, it looks kind the level used to be very different without the time bombs and without so much frozen stuff.

Any ideas?