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Thread: Township Horoscope 2017

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    Township Horoscope 2017

    Hello everyone!

    Stepping into the new year is like opening a new book: you're intrigued, you have some hopes and guesses, but you never know what the story will be about. This year, we've consulted the stars and prepared a special horoscope that sheds some light on what 2017 has in store for Townshippers. Enjoy!


    The year’s motto: Fly with your own wings.

    2017 will bring the Aries a lot of fun and adventures. If you’ve been waiting for a vacation, try exploring new Township Islands - you’ll find it both entertaining and profitable. Staying healthy should be a priority this year, so make sure to have the Fitness Center and other sport facilities built in your town


    Motto: A stitch in time saves nine.

    Township stars forecast a prosperous year for the bulls. You can expect a sudden boost in your T-cash budget. It may well come in the form of a gift, so the Tauruses should consider participating in Township’s contests held on Facebook. The forecast also suggests the bulls to take advantage of the events for selling items in demand at higher prices: they may bring you more profit than you think!

    Motto: Little strokes fell great oaks.

    2017 will bring major changes in the Gemini’s life. Any kind of renovation is highly recommended this year for the Gemini to feel a surge of inspiration and energy. Kick off the changes by rearranging your town. It’s high time to put the old decorations in the storage and refresh your town’s look with some new ornaments!


    Motto: Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

    For the Cancerians, 2017 is a year of difficult choices. The Township stars advise you to be mindful in spending T-cash and coins, and make sure you know all the tips and tricks on how to earn more. Relationships for the Crabs will need a lot of hard work in order to be stable. It’s highly advisable to establish relations with your co-op mates and pay more attention to other players’ help requests.


    Motto: None but the brave deserve the fair.

    Horoscope prediction promises that good luck and happiness will accompany the Leos throughout the year. Don’t keep waiting for the dreams to come true - start acting! Take chances and your efforts will be rewarded: play in the House of Luck, open golden balloons and explore the Mine - pleasant surprises are guaranteed.


    Motto: No sweet without some sweat.

    2017 for Virgo will need to be dealt with in a patient way. If it seems that your XP bar isn’t filling up fast enough or trains don’t bring those needed building materials, don’t stress out. Thinking of a new development strategy will be a good idea. Township Forum advice will also come in handy. A bit of effort and the results will be better than you imagined!


    Motto: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

    This year will be a year of leadership for Libra. Your abilities to inspire and lead forward will manifest in their finest. This is definitely a perfect year for the Libras to start a co-op and lead their regatta team to the Golden League! But do not forget to save some time for your closest people - they still need help with their trains and planes


    Motto: If you believe, you can achieve.

    For Scorpio, 2017 will be the year of social interaction. Expect your friend list to widen and the co-op chat to explode with new messages! Township stars also foretell a great town expansion and good chances of finally getting that achievement you were chasing through the past year


    Motto: A great ship asks deep waters.

    For Sagittarius, 2017 promises to bring challenges, as well as bright development prospects. This year the Sagittarius will be the star of each holiday event, getting tons of XP’s and prizes. It is also recommend that in 2017 you find an outlet for your creativity, so vising Township Mobile’s forum and Facebook page will be a good idea.


    Motto: Where there's a will, there's a way.

    The 2017 astrology predictions for the Capricorn zodiac sign forecast a year of unexpected findings and revelations. Make sure to explore as many Township lands as you can - some valuable and amazing discoveries await. You should also keep a close eye on the islands and other mysterious corners of Township, because this year you may well be the first to reveal a secret


    Motto: One good turn deserves another.

    This year your will flourish in anything you put your heart to, be it decorating your town or developing the Zoo. You’ll also land a helping hand to many Townshippers and your active cooperation will be rewarded. Not only may you expect tons of likes for your town, but there are also chances that virtual friends will become real-life ones.


    Motto: A good beginning makes a good ending.

    The horoscope 2017 predicts that for the Pisces this Township year will be about spending rather than saving up. You’ve worked to earn T-cash and coins, and now it’s time to make use of them! 2017 will also give a great opportunity to fix the past mistakes and start from scratch. Rename your town, change its layout, pick a new avatar and step into the new Township era!

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    Awww, what a great concept Anastasia! The animal characters are utterly charming.
    Can't wait to see what's coming to Township next.

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    This year your will flourish in anything you put your heart to...
    My what for Aquarius❓😶

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    Sounds like we get more island expansions and decorations which is great. 🙂

    Aside: just curious about the no religion rule here. I realize your development and promotions team is trying to be creative and exciting but it seems you've broken one of your own golden rules Playrix...

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    They have some time invested in these little darlings. Don't be surprised if they are not offered in some way.
    Perhaps a Regatta prize for a first in Golden League? Then, so everyone has equal access to them, if you
    don't win a Golden League Regatta, you can still purchase the current month's darling with Tcash.

    Town - DALISCAPE

    Be kind.

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    Coljoy: I am am unable to find a religious reference here?? Astrology is not a religion, nor is it a science - more on the scale of ouija boards, Tarot cards, etc. Astral mystical mumbo jumbo. Fun, but harmless.
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    Interesting points. I think with the Horoscopes, it is like something you see in a newspaper. I know there are those who believe in certain aspects including Horoscopes, but here if anyone believed this particular version, I would be amazed.

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    Hoping for a wider town and all goals to be achieve this year..

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    This is very cute!

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    Leave it to Cobalt to decide on tea leaf reading - the horoscope is cray-cray enough without turning it into a Horror-scope!

    And, NO, I wii not be collecting them all- actually, not any of them!
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    Level 155
    Zoo Level 45
    IOS - iPad Air

    Co-Op: Sogno Mare (Sea Dream) - Sail only for certain rewards.
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