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Thread: What did you name your cat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaT View Post
    Cheers Bob.
    I do have good ideas sometimes
    -DD- joined team Clegane. She has been calling me Bob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meemz View Post
    -DD- joined team Clegane. She has been calling me Bob.
    and guess what I was called, huh? LOL

    nice team there, and quite some active players - won the event right away. The game didn't allow me to participate this time, so I hope I can join in and help next time!

    ETA: and back on topic, my cat is named Ninja. Dunno exactly why
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    Mine is named Shadow, after the jealous one who is currently curled up in my lap.

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    My real life cat is called Isis. After the cat from star trek. The hubby named her. She's very old now. 16+

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    I called mine "Madra" which is the Irish for Dog

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    Mine is called Amorito 😺

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    Snow or Jerry (Tom and Jerry)

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