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Thread: How do I access game on another device?

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    How do I access game on another device?

    I don't have time or patience to review every thread. I've scrolled through the topics and don't see any that apply, sorry if I missed it. I have townscape on my phone and as my town has become larger my phone is increasingly freezing and making my phone hot. I am thinking about buying a tablet to play all my games on so my phone does not have so many problems but before I do I need to know how I can access my current town on a new device so I don't have to start over and after I do, can I delete the app on my phone?

    I tried to access it on my desktop which I'm typing from as I can't seem to type more than 3 letters in the app on my phone and then the keyboard disappears and I have to wait for it to come back and type 3 more. But I haven't been able to as I'm clueless. I would appreciate any help.

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    Here you go, Scarlet. Follow this link.

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