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Thread: Lost town

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    Lost town

    I replaced my town with my lover's town by mistake and now I can not get my town back. Kindly tell me how to get it back. Also I contacted customer service and they did not take any action yet and am afraid they can not help because I saw many people said that they did not recieve help. My town's name is : Apch City
    My level : 56
    Please I want it back before he comes from military service because he will be sad for me .

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    If you loaded two games on the same device and you typed "CONFIRM" when selecting which town to continue with, I'm afraid that the other town was irretrievably replaced.

    Since you already contacted support, make sure to reply to any automated messages you get, only then an agent from the support team will get in touch with you and assist you further.
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    Omg nooooo I want mine back I have 1100 cash and I played it for 4 years and I paid alot of money for it..

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    Should i start new game or wait for customer support

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    I got mine bac kkkkkk yessssssss yessssss yesssssss ❤❤but I want to ask now my lover will get his own when he comes back from military service? He will find it on his phone?

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