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Thread: Connecting to facebook later in the game

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    Connecting to facebook later in the game

    Hi everybody,
    I am wondering what will happen, if I connect now (level 249) to my facebook account (for the first time).
    Will my level be kept or reset to level 1?

    Hoping for an answer

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    Hi blackopal and welcome to the forum!

    I can guarantee you 100% that your progress will only become safer with Facebook connection, but definitely won't be lost!

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    Hi , I have always played on my phone and are connected to facebook ( on level 277) I have opened on my laptop only to be back at level 1 -please help
    Would like to play on my laptop instead of my phone


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    I'm having the same issues, I go back to level one when I try and use laptop

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    Hi there..

    The Facebook version of the game and the mobile version of the game are not presently compatible as they are different versions I am afraid.

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