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Thread: Can I get help with a "Plane crates to fill" task

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    Can I get help with a "Plane crates to fill" task

    If I choose a "Plane crates to fill" task, can other players help me fill the crates, or do I have to fill them all by myself?

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    The latter, but other players can help you by providing their plane crates for you to fill. Esp. helpful is coordination in your Coop for it (telling you what will be flagged before you go there, going there before they flag).

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    Chat in your co-op if someone has a crate task. Ask ahead what product the team member has and request crates 1 at a time a few seconds apart to give your team member an advantage. Have other members hold off and not fill the crates. Then troll the help area for crates every few minutes if you can. Crate tasks are easier and faster than plane or train because you can fill anyone's crate.

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