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Thread: Buying boxes at the market for events

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    Buying boxes at the market for events

    This has suddenly become super expensive!! You used to be able to buy a box containing random things to help with event games for 15 T-cash which wasn't too bad. Now the boxes cost more than 100!! Okay so maybe they contain more items but still, unless you're willing to buy T-cash, they're just too expensive. Playrix is getting greedy methinks 😏

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    Hi Blytonrocks, I agree Playrix is trying to find ways to make more money. I think it is a short term strategy. For every player spending lots of Tcash on new decorations or regatta, 1000 players are getting frustrated. I budget 200-300 Tcash per week which is $3.50-$5. I consider this fair to myself and Playrix.

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