Please explain to me how are we are supposed to get a thousand bricks so we can make a thousand tools oh yes the tools are needed for the new building the bricks are needed for all the zoo things. come on guys let's get a little more realistic with this game okay you've gone over the edge ever since you change the profile pictures. this game has slowly and steadily started declining you used to have a 5-star rating with me right now your Ludacris seriously look at what you need to build a building I have to convert all my bricks to make tools and I need all my bricks to do the zoo things. you don't let us make the bricks we have to wait till something shows up with a brick if you're going to do that let us manufacture and make our own bricks.

give us extra sugar shops give us extra bread and milk shop I mean come on be realistic and who in the heck stores tools and their storage with food no one give us a separate shed for that garbage that takes up room in the storage
barn. If you're expecting everyone to spend real money for fake money, SMH get realistic, I use to enjoy playing this game a lot.

I'm home bound with several neurological illnesses. My world is limited and this use to be a friend to me to help me make it through the day.