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Thread: Lost FB friends after the update

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    Lost FB friends after the update

    To be fair, this was a beta problem. As soon as some players installed beta we noticed, that most of our Facebook friends were gone from the list. Some had only 50 left, some 70, I had about 60. That’s a massive decline in numbers, we all used to have at least 150 FB friends in our lists plus ingame friends. The support told us that the problem will be fixed after the update.
    Well, they didn’t deliver. I updated the game and counted my friends. 72. I reconnected Facebook, uninstall and reinstalled the app. The number doesn’t budge. I used to see over 250 friend total. Now I see only half of them. While on beta I couldn’t help and earn clovers because my help tab was constantly empty because of this issue.
    Other players from my coop who weren’t beta testing are reporting the same issue. They all lost FB friends from their list. Please fix it

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    I have the same problem, before update I had 200+ friends and now I have 62 after the update. I tried to uninstall and reinstall and disconnecting and reconnecting Facebook numerous times and it didn’t change.

    Please fix this! I can’t do crate tasks or earn clovers when I have no friends requesting help

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    Same problem since updating my iOS game - total number of friends showing is down to 125, and 70 of those suddenly appear to be in-game friends when many were FB friends before.

    I've contacted Support, obvs.
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    I'm down to 75 from way over 200 before. Also contacted support.

    My guess is it won't be fixed until after next week, hopping week.

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    The problem with friends after the update.A lot of friends are missing...Solve the problem

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    I‘m down to 54 friends including 49 in-game friends. (iOS, Germany)
    A wild shot, but could it be we see only FB friends who have the update as well?
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    I do not have my facebook friends anymore !!! help me please 😥😥😥 give us our friends please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sablob View Post
    I‘m down to 54 friends including 49 in-game friends.
    A wild shot, but could it be we see only FB friends who have the update as well?
    Nope, I've lost friends who have the update and friends who don't. I've kept some from both groups too.

    We're just going to have to be patient while the Devs sort this out. They're very definitely aware of it, though.

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    I haven’t lost any friends, but I do not play this game with Facebook friends. Could it be that the loss of FB friends you are all experiencing is a Facebook issue, rather than a Playrix issue?

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    Same here, so many Facebook friends just gone. People who have helped me and I've helped.

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