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Thread: July 2019 Update [Android/iOS/Kindle]

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    Any news on Android update?
    Nothing yet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    I hope they reduced the building materials as well. Dedicating 200-300 barn spaces to bricks and glass feels really counterproductive for zoo enclosures that serve no actual game purpose or benefit.

    Also, here's a before and after comparison fir the castle.
    Thank you for the pics, and "yes, exactly" to your zoo remarks!

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    Oooh I don’t remember anything about this transport magnate tournament in the beta sneak peeks....? Super curious hope it won’t be toooo competitive though the last thing I want is another regatta... Is it just me or is everything (ie the buttons, newer buildings, etc.) getting more and more cartoony...? Does this mean they will change the look the of previous houses, CBS, decos, and so fourth to fit this new “style”?

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    Can someone explain the transport magnate tournament? I don't have the update yet.

    When does it start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me Me Big Boy View Post
    Can someone explain the transport magnate tournament? I don't have the update yet.

    When does it start?
    Beyond what is says in the first post we don’t have any other real information, as of yet. Including start date the snippet just says to watch your mail for a chance to join..... so yea idk maybe this will be something they roll out during our off week from seasonal regatta?

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    I am sure they have to wait until all platforms have the update before this new competition starts.

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    Oh, okay, thanks. 😁

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    7 hours to grow peanuts is excessive, considering how many new products have been released requiring peanuts.

    Then to compound matters Playrix fails to provide ample new farm plots to grow another long growing crop.

    They are simply strangling to death this game by the imbalance crop time vs number products that require that crop.

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    Yes, my friends list is reduced to my ingame friends. All Facebook friends disappear... very upsetting

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    Can somebody show a picture of the two 'old' houses we have to build? Thanks!!

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