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Thread: Cheating teams in regatta

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    Cheating teams in regatta

    Teams playing with more than two people should not be allowed in the 2 Person Place races they have all the other players from their team helping them out I have pictures of prof but it will not let me post the pictures

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    Sorry but this is not cheating at all. It is normal gameplay. You have no idea if the players marked as not racing are even playing at the moment. Beside, having 10 or 20 team mates in a co-op is nothing to compare to players having hundreds of friends from Facebook.

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    It's not easy to tell from the number of members of a co-op how many are helping racers or just helping other members.

    For example, I am the leader of a co-op of 12 members of which only two of us race in seasonal regattas and sometimes we even race solo. We get very little help from the other team members as they are not regular players and some do not play at all (but we haven't the heart to kick them out!).

    It would be impossible to decide how we should be grouped except by using the number of racers.

    *Sorry Graylady, you beat me to it!

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    They can still only request products every 3 hours, 1 help per train & 1 help per plane row. Sorry not cheating

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    The only possible advantage I can think of (at the moment) is with the current seasonal task of filling plane crates (and/or train crates in other seasons). You would have to coordinate with members to hold their planes and stay awake if they are in different timezones on the off-chance that you get/take that task. Hmmmm.

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    I said was not gonna reply no more, but after thinking about it and getting B.S in my life out of they, and not being stubborn.
    My team is of 5 player's. And the first place team is already over 6,000+ points. BUT they all have 4 players 100+ towns. Does that make it wrong? No. My co-leader said how unfair it is. Some think that way BUT they have 5 players like my co-op. I also know that alot think players are cheating but it is not cheating. Just because some co-op play better, have more t-bucks ect.... it is not cheating. I myself do I like it ? Heck no but what can you do? They don't go by town lvl's they go by player's. And yes I see how people think it is not right, well maybe if enough player's complain maybe they will change it. But in the time now just got to deal with it. And hope it changes.

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